Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services in Leesburg, Virginia

“We cut grass, not corners!” ALB has several lawn mowing programs available to you that result in a well-tailored look to your home or office! Instead of sharpening blades at the end of the week (or worse end of the month) ALB’s mowing crews sharpen their blades every night. This enables us to deliver a crisp clean cut on every visit. Our crews also mow in alternating patterns from week to week so the grass is being cut at different angles. This improves the look and health of your turf grass.

Annual contracts and per cut options are available for mowing services (include in mowing; edging of walkways, sidewalks and driveways during every visit, string trimming all obstacles, and blowing clippings from all hard surfaces). Bagging services are available upon request, however, it is better for the lawn & for the environment to finely chop clippings and sprinkle them back into the turf.

In addition to our scheduled mowing and other landscape services, American Lawn Brother’s, Inc. (ALB) offers a complete lawn care maintenance plan. This program includes twenty-one (21) turf control services during the year. It is designed to thicken a weak lawn, introduce new varieties of grass to an old lawn, and provide the highest quality of maintenance to the average-to-good lawn. Best of all we have Earth friendly and ALL ORGANIC turf care programs. They are safe for children, pets and the Chesapeake Bay.

In the early spring (March – early May), we provide:

  • Spot seeding where necessary with improved seed varieties best suited to the lawn.
  • Moderate rate fertilization, with slow-release nitrogen to maintain color and for seed development.
  • Iron and micronutrients.
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control (substituted with another herbicide if program is started after April 1).
  • Weed controls (except where spot seeding was done).
  • Disease controls as necessary.

Next, at the beginning of summer (mid May – early June)

  • Moderate rate fertilization, high in potassium, slow-release nitrogen to maintain color and health through the hot summer months.
  • Broadleaf weed controls.
  • Controls for insects that feed on grass roots (white grubs).
  • Controls for insects that feed on grass leaves.
  • Disease controls as necessary.

Then, in the late summer (late July – early September), ALB will provide:

  • Moderate rate potassium fertilization for maximum vigor and disease resistance.
  • Broadleaf weed controls.
  • Controls for insects that feed on grass leaves.
  • Disease controls as necessary.
  • Check for thatch accumulation.

Last, in the fall (September – November), ALB will provide:

  • Core aeration to remove plugs of soil (this allows oxygen and water into the root zone to thicken the lawn).
  • Complete over-seeding with improved see varieties best suited to the lawn.
  • Heavy-rate, balanced fertilization high in nitrogen to help new seeds and winterize the lawn
  • Lime and soil amendments.
  • Spot weeding.

Optional Turf Services can include De-thatching and Top Dressing (with a topsoil/compost mix) at an additional fee.