Special Services in Leesburg, Virginia

Grading and run-off reductions:

ALB can save you a lot of trouble, time and expense by extending the downspouts away from your foundation for a fraction of the cost of a wet basement.

Overseeding & Sodding:

ALB only uses sod that has been cut the morning of the same day it is laid. Using the freshest sod available insures you’ll lawn will start off instantly green and weed free.

Gutter cleaning:

ALB offers annual, quarterly and monthly gutter cleaning services. Live in a townhouse? Ask for our town home neighbors discount. While on the roof we can walk from townhouse to townhouse and clean the whole row for a little more than the cost of one townhome.


Bagged & bulk landscaping products such as: topsoil, fill dirt, compost, manure, mulch, woodchips, etc.

Woods clean-ups and underbrush removals:

ALB will hand clear your natural wooded areas. We can tag and save the mature & ornamental trees, but remove the bramble, briar, poison ivy, honey suckle, and other dangerous vines, that are killing the good trees.

Light hauling:

ALB has a fleet of dump trucks in several sizes so we can match the right truck for the job and economically take your junk to the dump.

Snow plowing and Shoveling, De-icing walks and driveways

ALB provides snow removal services for commercial & residential accounts. Services include snow removal, sanding, and salting. As always, we are happy to provide references from our satisfied customers. ALB has limited slots available for our commercial and residential snow services. Our residential snow services include clearing of the driveways, walkways, and can provide additional services as needed for sidewalk, deck clearing, mailbox access, etc.

Commercial: the bigger trucks in our fleet appear as the snow begins falling to keep commercial clients open for business and minimize the potential for liability. Separate snow blowing and shovelling crews work quickly to open sidewalks and keep customers in compliance with the city requirements for clear sidewalks.

De-icing: for light snows and following up after plowings, our de-icing crews work to apply enough de-icing to keep surfaces safe. You can count on us to be responsive and attentive to your needs.

Snow removal and hauling: some properties have very limited space for storing snow on-site, necessitating snow hauling or simply moving it around on-site. We frequently work around schedules to move snow during the day (for apartments) or at night (for offices, etc), whenever the parking lot is not being used. Even private driveways can get buried in snow, making it difficult to see or store additional snow.

Sidewalk Cleaning: Keeping walkways and steps clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors. Perfect Landscapes works 24/7 during snowstorms to keep your sidewalks clear and safe, scheduling return visits when storm systems stagnate and continually dump snow and freezing rain. Our team of snow fighters has the manpower and tools for cleaning snow from sidewalks. Armed with snow shovels, snow blowers, skid steers and power sweepers our crews get the job done in an efficient and timely manner. We offer a full range of de-icing materials and services applicable to your properties’ needs to keep those walkways and steps safe and accessible for the duration of the storm and beyond.